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mandy b
31 October 2012 @ 02:51 pm
Title: Mental Conflict [#030] [Chapter I]
Fandom: Iron Chef (Japan), general
Characters: Masaharu Morimoto (IC Japanese III), random mentions of others
Prompt: 030. There’s a beast upon my shoulder, and a fiend upon my back; feel his burning breath a heaving, smoke oozing from his stack
Word Count: 1104
Rating: PG (language warning)
Summary: Morimoto is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Author's Notes: This is a little bit longer than expected. I'm officially making this the first of quite a few parts. This is a slightly-fudged account of what happened between then-current Iron Chef Japanese Morimoto and the original Iron Chef Japanese Michiba.

There was always something about my career as an Iron Chef that I just couldn't explain to anyone.Collapse )
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