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20 September 2011 @ 07:16 pm
An Iron Chef's Best Friend [#010]  
Title: An Iron Chef's Best Friend [#010]
Fandom: Iron Chef (Japan), general
Characters: Koumei Nakamura (IC Japanese II)
Prompt: 010. Hey, when we first met, I thought that time had come for me to die; but now I see that you had come to bring in here new life
Word Count: 271
Rating: G
Summary: Nakamura takes comfort in his dog. Short story.
Author's Notes: Information taken from the official book. I own nobody and nothing.

You know what they say about dogs. They’re commonly known as man’s best friend.

When I got the Shiba a year after I became an Iron Chef, he was very faithful towards me. I had named him Chef, as a namesake to the show, and he has (thankfully) become a critical part of my family. That’s not to say that my wife and daughter haven’t, but that’s not to say that they haven’t been critical towards me.

You see, my family doesn’t take losing easily. When I kept on losing, my wife and daughter would feel pretty embarrassed and wouldn’t want to leave the house. I tried to assure them that it was okay that they go out of the house, have fun a little bit; they constantly told me that they weren’t leaving because everyone would know that they were the family of an Iron Chef who was a failure.

My life at that point had sunk into the gutter. But when I got Chef, it was like everything didn’t matter. It was like the sunny skies came back into my life. Chef was intelligent. He was loyal from the start, and he still is to date. I think that was the best purchase I ever made.

I’m right when I call him my ally. He doesn’t run away, do stupid things to the furniture, or other things like that. And he doesn’t turn on his heels when I call him to go outside. Unlike the rest of my family, he’s there for me. I love it.

Who cares about losing when you have an Iron Chef’s best friend nearby?
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