50 Lyrics Fanfic Challenge

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Welcome to the 50 Lyrics Fan Fic Challenge!

This is NOT a songfic challenge!

Rather, this is a challenge (inspired by the Mother of Them All - the fanfic100 challenge) to write 50 fanfics, each one relating to/suggesting the theme/feeling/mood/idea/metaphor of the lyrics, which can be seen over here at Lyric Table 1 and Lyric Table 2.

While you may know the song, please write your fics based on the lyrics posted, rather than the song, as the mood/theme of the song snippet may be quite different from the entire song.

You're allowed to switch out a maximum of five prompts from the table with lyrics from the songs of your choice.

Please, don't post in this community until your claim has been accepted.

Step One
Join the community.

Step Two
Comment in the Claim Post with the fandom, character and/or pairing, and table (1 or 2) you wish.

Step Three
Paste the Lyric Table into your LJ/webpage/wherever, and comment in the Claim Post with a link to your table, and  I'll add it into the Claim Table.

Step Four
Write 50 fanfics centered around the fandom you’ve claimed, each one based on one of the lyric prompts (only one prompt per fic). Stories, scripts, drabbles, poems - anything is acceptable as long as it fits your claim. Het, gen, slash, RPF, femmeslash, of any rating is acceptable. You can post them as often or as seldom as you like, in any order you wish. There is no time limit.

Step Five
Once you are finished, post a comment here, and you'll get a shiny button to display proudly in your LJ, or wherever you wish!

Posting Guidelines

1. All fics must go behind an lj-cut, or behind a fake cut to your LJ/webpage/wherever.

2. You MUST include a rating before the lj-cut, so people know what they're clicking into. I urge you to use the G to NC-17 rating, as most people understand it readily.

3. Each must be one hundred words or higher, and only one prompt per fic.

4. No bashing, flaming, abuse or other nasty behaviour, just because you don't like a character/pairing/genre/style etc etc (or for any other reason). It's just plain rude.

5. Use the following when posting your fics:

<b>Word Count:</b>
<b>Author's Notes:</b>

Credit goes to fanfic100 for the idea, the HTML for the Lyric Table, guidelines and the general overall process of the whole challenge. Thank you!

Credit for the lyrics - bands and songs - is over here and here for the second table.

Questions, comments, feedback, etc, can be directed to biocaam (biocaam @ gmail.com).

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